After the breakdown of my marriage initially my mental state did not improve I was and still lucky to have amazing friends who helped me and I will forever be grateful to them

Part of my job was introducing new consultants and this is how my friendship with Craig began he was also married and I knew him and his wife from my group I had never once even looked at him and thought he was attractive if anything remember thinking what a lovely attractive couple him and his then wife made. Several months before I left my husband I was helping Craig set up his first group which meant we spent time together but at no point did I feel uncomfortable with this. Just after he opened his group we met one day in costa coffee which was often where a few of us consultants would meet to do work together one Tuesday morning he was visibly not himself I asked if he was ok and he said he was so I left it at that. Later that day he txt me to say he was distraught as his wife had suddenly told him she no longer loved him and wanted to separate i was totally shocked because they seemed solid even just a week before at a Halloween party I held for my social team they were the only couple there and I was envious of how ​​​together` they looked. After his had happened we often talked and he said his wife said she was suffering from depression and he seemed certain once she felt better it would blow over.

After this I was very worried about him and even told my husband how worried I was about him, I still wasn’t looking at him and thinking anything other than a friend. One day he told me how he was suffering with depression and had for a few years. I confided in him about my own depression and he was shocked that I could hide everything that went on in my life so well. It became easy to talk to him and he would talk to me in return.

At this point my plan to leave my husband was something I was saving for because I needed to be actively doing something because things were getting worse I felt like I was living with a time bomb and my anxiety and depression were getting worse

After Christmas things settled down between Craig and his wife and because of how busy we both were I didn’t see as much of him ,I arranged for him to cover my groups in the middle of January  whilst I visited my daughter in Belgium he called me whilst I was in Belgium to say his wife had asked him to leave and he had moved in to his mums so could my husband meet him at group in the morning so he could use my kit as he had left without it. At first I thought Craig and his wife would sort things out so I was more than shocked when he told me it was over for good.

At this point we were working together helping each other at groups and promoting looking back now I can see this is where I began to more for him than just friends but I never once thought anything could or would happen between us. nothing ever did happen between us although he did help me in searching for and offering to pick up second hand furniture to furnish the flat I found.

A few months after I had separated we began a casual relationship I needed comfort and so did he there was no commitment we were both quite fragile at the beginning and I certainly didn’t want any long term commitment.